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Welcome to TermInternet

If you are looking for Academics stuff for CBSE, If you are interested in some amazing and weird facts about the internet and technology, then you have landed over the best place. We are here to serve you and, we feel LOVE to serve you. Not only the things that I’ve mentioned above are available here, But We also have much more for you. I really hope that you’ll come to this place again and again and find it worthy enough and help us to improve so that we can serve you better.
Hi… This is Mayank Kumar and I am a blogger at TermInternet and I am a YouTuber as well with the same Channel Name TermInternet. By profession, I am a freelancer and worked as a Graphic Designer, Video Editor, SEO Executive, and Technical Content Writer.
My Education- I am a student and pursuing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications). And Somehow I have completed my Secondary and Senior Secondary before the year 2017. In my near future, I’ll do some nano degree courses and some certification.
It may seem to you that I’m individual and managing all these all alone. But luckily NO, I am not alone, I have some amazing peoples who constantly supporting me and always here for me to stand with me. I call it, my Team and my Family. I know it is not formal and you may dislike it, but I can not stop myself from mentioning two peoples here the first is Mr. Rohit Solanki that is a YouTuber at CBSE class videos and blogger at cbseclass.com second is Mr. Piyush Aggarwal that is a blogger at zyxaw.com. Other peoples are also mentionable but they are okay within my heart.
And Ultimately from the very deep of my heart, A huge thanks to the readers. Keep sharing and supporting.
To contact us, please visit the page – https://terminternet.com/contact
Or you may mail me to – [email protected]

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